Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) was established to provide churches, organisations and individuals with simple, affordable solutions to complex copyright issues.

Church Copyright Licence

Covers over 200,000 worship songs for congregational singing. An easy and affordable solution for churches to reproduce songs.
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Song Search

Use our search function to find the songs you are looking for from our extensive database of songs from Singapore and around the globe.
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SongSelect ®

An online subscription service providing chord sheets, lead sheets, vocal sheets, lyrics and samples from CCLI’s database of popular songs.
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  • I am grateful for the chance to be a part of the CCLI community. There is no greater or stronger organization in the world than our Lord's church. And CCLI continues to strongly support and bless this church. CCLI is a strong foundation for worship music today.–Chris Tomlin, Songwriter, Artist / Worshipper

  • Hillsong supports the work of CCLI because it provides churches with a cost effective and lawful way to have access to so many powerful Christian worship songs from all over the world. It is a ministry to the greater body that relieves it of the complications and headaches associated with copyright law.–Brian Houston, Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church

  • CCLI is not a music industry business. It is a service to the Church. It is not in the business of creating or tracking radio hit songs. Think of it, they track the worship songs we sing in church. This gives them a distinct lack of pretension and a great sympathy for worship leaders, pastors and the entire Christian community. I find this refreshing.–Bob Kilpatrick, Songwriter

  • CCLI has the vision and potential to be the most significant music resource to a post-modern church living in the throes of a global spiritual awakening.–Martin Smith, Songwriter

  • What on earth did we do before CCLI?!? I'll tell you, we put worship and copyright in the too hard basket. We tried to pretend that it didn't matter that we were breaking the law in the way we used songs, and we somehow argued that all Christian songs were given by God and therefore should be free to His body… How enormously thankful I am to CCLI, as the body of Christ continues to expand and "true worship" spreads all over the earth.–Daniel Thornton, Songwriter, Worship Pastor

  • CCLI serves every part of the Body of Christ. As a Worship Pastor in my local church, I remember when it was almost impossible to legally print out and project all the song lyrics to the songs we were singing. Obtaining permission from every publisher was a daunting task. CCLI has made it so easy to comply with copyright laws by simplifying the process in so many ways. Also, as a Songwriter, they have allowed me to focus more on the heart of ministry and less on the maze of administration. I am truly grateful for their vision and integrity.–Paul Baloche, Songwriter, Worship Leader

  • I am honoured to endorse organisation that exists to see the praises of God declared throughout the earth. Praise God for people who through excellence and unity are committed to spirit and truth worship being restored to the House of God.–Darlene Zschech, Songwriter, Pastor

  • If I were allowed only one bookmark on my computer, it would have to be the CCLI web site! If there were only one resource available to the music ministry of our church (other than the Bible), it would most definitely be Christian Copyright Licensing, Inc.! No other organization even begins to come close to what CCLI has to offer in the way of helpful tools and information for the musician in ministry. CCLI is an answer to the prayers of worship leaders worldwide!–Rick Founds, Songwriter, Worship Leader